Polishing Marble floors in Malaysia. It’s not recommended to use polish on your marble. Not only can it damage the surface, but marble is so smooth. Marble polishing require more time and effort, different chemical and stone to polishing it until shining and smooth like mirror. Polishing Marble can decrease the extent of which marble absorbs stains and spills and can also enhance the appearance of the stone and leave it, Artificial Grass

Polishing Marble can be finished in many different ways depending on the type of aesthetics one is aiming for:-

  • Polished finish marble: Polishing Marble floors results in an ultra-glossy, almost mirror like surface that shows off the marbles color and design to its full potential. Polishing results in the least porous surface thus giving the marble stone a shiny outlook. It is a great choice for interior use, however using it for exterior decorative purposes is discouraged to its slightly slippery nature.
  • Honed finish marble: Polishing Marble floors A honed finish is very similar to polishing with one major difference that the finishing results in matte, velvety and smooth surface with no shine whatsoever. Honing is primarily used for repairing damage done to the stone, therefore a honed finish makes the marble less prone to getting wretched or damaged. more services
  • Textured finish marble: Polishing Marble floors This specialized marble finish involves the use of different techniques to give the marble a distinctly stylish surface. Flamed, bush-hammered, leathering, rigato, natural-cleft, sandblasted and split face are some of the popular textured finishes.
Polishing Marble floors in Malaysia.
Polishing Marble
Polishing Marble