In Malaysia where the weather is hot and it doesn't rain, you must have wondered, which should you do in your house, either an awning or a pergola? So a topic that is considered interesting should be peeled for you this time. Awnings can beautify and keep your property protected from weather threats. There are 5 types to choose from such as aluminum, polycarbonated and metal decks. See also the design and how to calculate the price! Smart Pergola installation is more neat and even
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Mr Floore Awning and Pergola Installation is more neat and even

If you notice, most of the houses in Malaysia do not have house awnings. Right? Of course, there are developers who give one awning in the package, even that is half type. Haru is right!

Make it a long summer, can heat a house without an awning. Same goes for the rainy season, willing to look at your expensive car paint and floor eroded rainwater deck?

Is it important to not have a house awning? Follow the weather and culture of the community in Malaysia, it can be said that it is mandatory! Our people do not have to look for the sun to dry clothes.

Dryer? Unusual! When there is an awning, it's a little easier to push and pull the suspension according to the weather, right?

Not everyone is interested in taking care of a nice house. So, don't be surprised if some of you don't know what an awning is.

So you have to know, it's easy to install and you don't have to be deceived. Let's see what's important!
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What is a Home Awning or Pergola?

Home awning means an additional roof or roof that serves to protect an area of ​​your home from the heat of sunlight or wet rainwater.
What Are The Advantages Of Having An Awning At Home?
There are many advantages of installing an awning in the house that we can consider. One of them is that this awning allows you to make more time on the patio, which can be a shelter during hot weather or heavy rain, dim and quiet je want to relax.

This awning also helps lower the temperature in the house by reducing direct glare from the sun, while saving on electricity bills (you don’t have to use too much air conditioning).

Lastly, it can provide more privacy, sheltered from nearby neighboring houses. These are among the good reasons to consider awning installation.

But, before the installation is done you should think carefully about the area where the awning will be placed, as well as make good measurements to know the exact size.

Eh, but can you install an awning as you like? What about the type of house that needs to be agreed upon, such as a townhouse or apartment?

Don't worry, this is Malaysia! There must be guidelines and housing laws by state. Let's watch!
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Turning to the real issue, which else is worth an Awning or a Pergola? Indeed, pergolas are a favorite of many who want to carry out renovation projects at home and if you are in a tight budget, then Awning can be the next target because of its simple design and much cheaper price you will definitely get results that are almost the same as Pergola

Our awnings and canopies are designed with our clients in mind. We offer a
diverse selection of models to fit any structure and to meet any customer’s
budget. Our awnings are designed using time-proven Malaysian traditions
combined with advanced Spain technology and top quality materials.

We supply and install Motorized Retractable Awning. The fabric got 5 years
warranty, made in spain and the motor warranty 2 years. F.o.c 1 set remote
control for u as well
T&C apply.

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